Get familiar with printer supplies-understand the classification of cartridges

In the selection of the appropriate cartridge before we first look at the classification of the cartridge. Toner cartridge is the most important kind of laser printer supplies. Laser printer cartridge by combination can be divided into the following three categories:

Integrated cartridges: photoconductor drum (photosensitive drum), drum (development roller) and toner cartridges as one of the drum. This cartridge in the design of the structure in principle does not allow users to add toner.
Binary Toner Cartridge: refers to the drum is divided into two separate parts: part of the photoconductor drum, the other part of the drum and toner cartridges. After the user runs out of toner, simply replace the drum and toner cartridge components without replacing the photoconductor drum.

Three-body cartridges: refers to the drum is divided into three separate parts: photoconductor drum, drum, toner cartridges. Replace the toner cartridge only after the user has run out of toner. Usually some manufacturers call it drum powder separation technology.

For two-body or three-body cartridge, does not mean that the use of the laser printer, the user does not need to replace the photoconductor drum, in fact, these two types of photoconductor drum and the first type of integrated cartridge, the photoconductor drum has A certain life, and some even less than the integration of the drum drum photoconductor long life. Therefore, in the purchase of laser printers, the user must pay attention.

In the photoconductor drum photosensitive material coated metal selenium alloy, because of its superior performance, reliability has been recognized by most of the world of laser manufacturers, HP, Xerox, Lexmark, Shida, Founder, and other manufacturers have chosen laser printers cartridges . There are also some manufacturers use ceramic surface of the photoconductor drum.

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