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At present, the laser printer cartridges are original cartridges or other companies to produce a common cartridge and refill the cartridge three. Now we will analyze the differences between these products.

We know that the print quality is certainly the first customer to consider the issue, no doubt, the original cartridge is clearly the best choice. Original cartridge As the design process carefully considered and other parts of the printer integration, the production process is meticulous, it can also create the ideal print results, much better than other compatible products. With the original print cartridge in the printer to print out the edge of the text clear, black uniform, vivid picture, but the use of alternative products when the effect will be far worse. This is because the original cartridges of the engineers in order to print the best, in the laboratory for a lot of testing and improvement, even the most minor defects must be removed and then fast. Therefore, the emphasis on print quality users usually do not hesitate to select the original cartridge.

General generic cartridges in print quality can be said to achieve the basic requirements of the printer output, but may differ in certain special circumstances, such as when printing two pounds of fine words somewhat confusing. The refilled cartridge as a result of the manufacturing process using a manual approach, print quality is good and bad, the printing effect is difficult to be guaranteed. Of course, when we consider the quality of print, print cost is also a very important consideration, especially for price-sensitive individual users. Many people will think that the original product quality is good, but at the same time the price is relatively high, this is actually an incorrect understanding, a large number of objective tests show that the original single-page printing cost is not high, the overall cost Is relatively low.

There is an independent research institutions have carried out an objective laser printer toner comparison experiment. The results showed that, in comparison with the other two original compatible cartridges, the original product cost per page and total cost of ownership (TCO) minimum, a single drum is the largest number of copies, print quality is the best.

Original cartridge due to the long service life, it saves the user money than the printer itself, the price even more. Therefore, it is recommended to use the original cartridge. Universal toner cartridge, from its print quality can be said to be able to achieve the basic requirements of the laser printer output, but there may be a special case, the distinction between generic toner cartridges are also produced brand name, product quality is guaranteed, although its price Slightly lower than the original cartridge, but the number of sheets to print less than the original cartridge, so the overall cost of printing and original cartridge is almost the same.
As for the re-filling of the cartridge although the price is very attractive, but because of its number of prints is too little or less than half of the original cartridge, so the overall cost of printing is no less than the original cartridge and universal toner cartridges.

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