Get familiar with printer supplies-toner cartridge maintenance small recipe

1, extend cartridge life (note: not necessarily valid)

We know that the laser printer in the use of a longer period of time after the print out of the text, the image will appear blurred, bottom ash and other phenomena. Even if the replacement of a new toner cartridge is not solve the problem, then we should take into account the problem may be a cartridge. We know that laser printer toner cartridges have a life: more than 10,000 ships, such as Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo. When the life of the cartridge to a later, there will be the phenomenon. This is mainly due to photosensitive drum surface photosensitive properties of aging, the surface potential decline, the residual voltage increases, affecting the imaging cartridge caused by (see the first part of the printing principle).

Is there any way to make the cartridge back to life? I thought of the surface of the cartridge is a layer of non-toxic organic compounds with photosensitive properties, when in the light, the coating will be conductive. In a number of chemical guidance of friends, I finally get it Cr2O3. As follows: Take to 5 g of chromium oxide, with lens paper dipped directly in one direction along the drum carefully wipe (do not wipe back and forth!) Again, to completely wipe the surface of the drum, do not miss. Wipe should be particularly careful: gentle, and then more gentle! Also note that your nails will scratch the drum tympanic membrane. Through the above-mentioned photosensitive drum can be re-printed thousands of pages to 10,000! What about it? You can save a lot of money, of course, this method may not be effective Oh.

2, full use of laser printer toner cartridges (Note: You can try)

Since Epson (Epson) series laser printer with excellent print performance and convenient operation performance in the community there are a considerable number of users. But because of its more expensive supplies and the use of the cartridge is very easy to fatigue, when the fatigue, the drum surface can not be returned in the print media will leave a very "heavy" background, a direct impact on the print.

Although the above mentioned also wipe with the chromium oxide cartridges, toner cartridge can eliminate the fatigue phenomenon, but this method may not be feasible. Because chromium oxide is solid particles (can not be dissolved), use it to wipe the surface of the drum, it may damage the drum surface. Some friends in the test of this method, but no effect, but the surface damage to the drum is very serious. After a number of tests, we also found a very simple method to eliminate the drum surface fatigue phenomenon, with this method, a cartridge can print more than 15,000 documents.

Specific methods are as follows: When the drum fatigue phenomenon, the first to remove the cartridge shell, in order to prevent damage to the drum surface, a soft cloth can be used to wrap the drum surface, remove the shell, carefully remove the cartridge, the sun exposure To two hours, although the printer manual is strictly prohibited on the cartridge under the sun exposure. But this method is indeed valid, anyway, dead horse as a living horse to medicine it! And then poured waste toner powder box, a small screwdriver can be used in the waste toner box back and forth, the toner will soon come out, this will prevent the powder when confused full "dust" flying, will be poured out Of the toner collected up and down the toner cartridge, but also for you to save an expenditure. After cleaning the surface for a soft cloth and toner cartridges some of the parts, after the installation of a good cartridge, that you are done. Then you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the original unbearable purpose of the manuscript now "clear" visible, originally very "heavy" background wiped out. The above test is a friend's personal experience, each time can be successful, you may wish to try it effective!

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