Please pay great attention the quality of cartridge

When you are shopping supplies market, you will find with a dazzling description is not too much, such as the appearance of the same hp toner, the price can be more than doubled! If you ask the seller why you sell cartridges cheaper than others, most of the answers received vague, similar to "purchase channels are not the same" or something.

In general, people who use a printer always feel "can print out the word on it", but also by the "cheap is not no good goods" self-suggestion, in short, pick to buy cheap. I have had such an experience, buy cheap cf230a, began to use still make do, after a few times and then print out the document - more and more pale colors, writing more and more unclear, the edge of the graph is getting more and more Fuzzy; importantly, the printed file saved for a long time, and then look out, the toner has the traces of falling off.

The original is the same cartridge, but it has a "Li Kui" and "Li Gui," the points, the original price of the cartridge really expensive, but the quality is guaranteed, non-original cartridge work is not only rough, consumables large are described after many recycling, Life and stability are difficult to guarantee.

The use of non-genuine toner cartridges, print dark color, illegible, print volume did not spectrum. These are still the visible shortcomings, in fact, some invisible things even more people should not be taken lightly - to know that 5% of the page coloring about 150 million need toner particles, and related agencies who introduced the original Of consumables in the design of the charge and the image of the component is a very match, resulting in less likely to waste toner, compatible consumables is not the case, it just add some grinding out, most of the toner is actually not Absorbed on the photosensitive drum and paper, the phenomenon of leakage is very serious, leaking powder is particularly vulnerable to damage the machine, and those floating in the air once inhaled into the body, it is difficult to excrete through metabolism and the formation of accumulation.


What two functions dose the permanent chip have?

When using the printer cartridges, some people will has this misunderstanding, they think the use of a permanent chip allows the printer does not wash the nozzle, the province with the ink supply system to promote the printer cartridge permanent chip has also been adopted by many friends. Actually it is wrong idea. Like some people suggest use cheap toner cartridges , if not only can save cost, but also will increase the cost of maintain.
Now the permanent chip generally has two functions: one is not decoding, as long as the printer shutdown, the chip will be cleared on the counter, so that the printer that the ink cartridge is full. Second, free nozzle cleaning, which means that after the printer does not perform the nozzle cleaning action, you can save some ink.
It is because of these advantages of the permanent chip, many are not even with the system of ordinary users will also be on the cartridge chip for a permanent chip. However, due to the daily print volume of ordinary users is small, if the printer is not long, the ink inside the nozzle is due to evaporation of moisture and viscosity increase or dry caused by clogging. This only depends on the printer when the automatic cleaning nozzle to solve the problem. And the installation of a permanent chip, the printer will not clean the nozzle, only the user found in the print is not normal will clean the nozzle, so not only can not save ink, but also cause more paper and ink waste.
Of course, for the large print capacity of the system for users, because every day need to carry out a large number of printing, the ink has not dried up to be out of the new brother toner, it is not prone to clogging phenomenon. But there are many users to reflect the use of the system for some time after the print quality has been reduced. Some people have always thought that this is due to the aging of the nozzle or ink caused by bad, but once for a printer with a system for the nozzle cleaning, in the second phase of the article in the article to check the nozzle, found that although many nozzles Can be ejected ink, but the discharge of the ink has a clear bifurcation phenomenon, and after cleaning the nozzle, the print quality has increased.


Original cartridge is better for the printer

In addition to quality considerations, printing costs can be said that the fundamental consideration, the print cartridge is a long-term consumables, the choice of cartridge is a long-term need to consider the cost of expenditure. First of all, compared to the cost of the purchase, the official cartridge prices higher, the popular models such as toner hp cf217a, the original price of 200-300 yuan, while the price is generally more difficult to come down. By A4 paper coverage of 5%, a 2612A toner cartridge, can only print 2000 pages. In contrast, according to the average price Taobao Taobu 2612A domestic only 60-80 yuan, the price up to 120 yuan, the lowest 40 yuan there. The price gap is very large, according to long-term purchase, the cost of the original cartridge is 3-5 times higher than the domestic cartridge.

There is a saying that domestic cartridges prone to failure, and easily lead to printer machine failure, non-original cartridge defects will affect the performance of the printer, if the after-sales service is not in place, not long after the use of the problem or scrapped, the printer also needs repair , But also lead to office delays or impact. These are huge additional costs that may arise from problems that occur with non-genuine consumables. For business users, this impact is very big. This is also one of the difficulties many corporate users purchase.

In summary, the optional toner cartridge, if it is a higher print quality, as well as after-sales service, the cost can accept the original cartridge. And when individuals or companies with a large print volume, the need to measure the cost of printing, the proposed purchase of domestic famous cartridge, the quality of high quality toner cartridge, to provide stable after-sales manufacturer, that can reduce printing costs, while meeting the high Print quality requirements. Today's printer supplies domestic brands fierce competition in the market, as users how to polish their eyes and find the right price, quality domestic manufacturers of toner cartridges it? Here, as a domestic toner cartridge manufacturer with 17 years of R & D qualification in printing consumables industry, Canon Toner Cartridge can provide you with toner cartridges that meet your printing cost and printing quality requirements. We focus on producing high quality toner cartridges for users. Buy, to the production, assembly and testing have to undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure that every one sent to consumers in the hands of the cartridge, you can rest assured that the use of. Jia letter cartridge, to provide you with a more assured choice.


Do you know how to solve the common faults when you use the printer?

1. Paper Jam
Paper Jam is one of a common faults when we use the printer, especially we use a new paper or re-printed paper. When the paper jam happed, we need to pay attention to the paper when we try to pick it up. We can moving parts of the printer which is allow according to the manual, and do not blindly pull the cover. As soon as possible to pick up full of paper and do not leave broken pieces of paper in the printer.

2. The paper is white after we printed.
If your printer is a thermal type, there may be a wrong installation of the front and back. Place the reverse side of the recording paper and try again. Thermal printer used fax paper, only one side coated with chemicals and that mean only one side can be printed words. If the installation is wrong. No text or pictures are printed when receiving a fax.If your fax machine is an print cartridge fax machine, the nozzle tip may be blocked. Clean the inkjet head or replace the Brother TN770 if the brand is Brother-HL.

3. Fax paper or print paper appears black line
One or more black lines appear when you send a document to you or when you print it by yourself. If it is a CCD fax machine, maybe the lens is dirty, if it is CIS fax machine, maybe glass transparent is dirty. Please use a cotton ball or a soft cloth moistened with alcohol to clean it according to the manual of the fax machine. If you still can not solve the problem after cleaning, please send your fax machine for repair inspection.

4. When faxing paper or printing paper appears white line
This is the thermal head (TPH) broken wires or dirty normally. If the wire is broken, we need to replace the same type of thermal head. If is dirty, we can clean it with a cotton ball.


How to identify genuine and fake toner supplies

This is very important for users to keep their eyes, improve the knowledge of optional ink cartridges products, enhance their awareness and vigilance, learn to distinguish between true and false ink cartridges, at any time to protect their own interests? kInkjet printers with economic, print the advantages of good occupation of the vast majority of the print output market. But because of the ink cartridge capacity and other restrictions, so we have to often replace the ink cartridges, and thus formed a huge consumer market, but also inevitably to the fake counterfeiters brought business opportunities.

So for us, in order to identify genuine and fake supplies, what shall we do ? First of all to know what the original supplies look like. tn 660 ink, for example, from 2001 onwards, HP has a variety of cartridges packaging has been updated so that the original packaging of its original cartridge has the following characteristics: the new box above the two ends of a cutting line; The number of the two-digit purchase number; the new packaging on the left side of the cartridge for the printer model; a display ink color logo; carefully observe the color of the anti-counterfeit labels to identify whether the original ink cartridges.

How do we identify genuine and fake ink cartridges? When buying ink cartridges, first of all to carefully observe the vacuum bag. Authentic ink cartridges and bags close to the box dense, no air bag. Fake and shoddy ink cartridges vacuum pumping is not complete. Open the vacuum plastic bags, genuine ink cartridges should be clean and dirt-free. Carefully observe the top of the ink cartridges sealed plastic stickers, real ink cartridges sealed film flat paste, fake ink cartridges loose, it is easy to hand down. Second, look at the sealing tape. Genuine ink cartridges and fake ink cartridges are not the same, fake ink cartridges is a transparent adhesive on the word, strong sticky, it is easy to tear the surface of the packaging cartons. Genuine ink cartridges are strong texture, sticky and sticky can not be separated from the carton to tear the way.


Some small ink tips for laser printer

During my four years college life, I used the HP printer which accumulated some small ink tips. I have introduced to many friends, they all feel simple and effective, so today we want to write to share with you.

Whenever the printer is prompted to run out of ink, the cartridge out, in fact, there are many ink cartridges. At this time with high-quality non-adhesive seal ink cartridges below the mouth of a few mouth, and then use one hand to hold the entire cartridge, which with the index finger pressure with non-adhesive seal outlet, and then quickly from top to bottom Arc-shaped swing arm, the purpose is to use the parabolic movement of the centrifugal force generated by the ink inside the cartridge to the lower part of the ink cartridges in the lower part, after repeated times, and then a sharp blade in the cartridge outlet (with non-adhesive seal ) To make a small cross, then the cartridge back to the printer can print. I found in the practice of the past few years, so that the ink cartridges can be processed to extend the use of about 1/5 of the time. often print a large number of friends, black ink used very quickly. My experience is to print the file before the file font color are changed to gray (usually 60% to 80% black); in the print do not have to specify the color of the file, according to the use of various colors of ink, use less Color plus gray, such as: I found that the use of blue is relatively small, when playing the file on the use of gray and blue to play. So that the file can not only play to extend the life of the cartridge and beautiful. By the same token, when you use one or two colors, you can also use unused colors to print plain text files until you want to print color pictures.

However, the "fake ink" will be the problem is: hp 201x toner in the ink is exhausted, because the "counter" is not counted to the rated consumption, then the ink does not light, it can not be replaced by the usual method Ink cartridges.


Component Composition of Laser Printer Toner Cartridge

There are several parts of toner cartridge compositions that your maybe not known, now let us go into the toner cartridge inner world to have a see.
Let me take Brother HL-2240D printers as an example. With the important crucial part, toner 420 is largely determined the printing quality, which is a typical separation toner cartridge.
The full name of OPC is organic photoconductor drum, which organic photoconductive materials have a wide range of resources, the performance is superior and pollution-free. In terms of life expectancy, the OPC drum has a shorter life with generally only about 3000 pages, and of course the price is cheaper.er
Developer Roller
The function of develop roller is the adsorption color toner to electrified it, then sent to the drum surface of OPC and produce generate visual images. Because the single group of color toner also has magnetic roller and non-magnetic toner, the development roller also has magnetic roller and conductive roller different names.
Photoreceptive Drum
It more emphasized that the drum has photoconductive properties, and characterize the drum. There are many kinds of photoconductive materials, including selenium、cadmium sulfide、drum and silicon and organic light guide drum and so on.
Drum Unit
Drum Kit refers to the light-sensitive part of the toner cartridge, including drum core, powder scraper and so on. Sometimes the anti-development part is not inseparable, only the drum core, charging roller, cleaning scraper, this part is the drum component for Epson, Lexmark series. What's more, even the rollers are preserved, but there is no powder storage/powder drum, which is also called drum unit. The drum unit is not to be thrown away for the toner finished. You just replace the developing component and even replace the powder tubes. Brother brand is representative about this aspect, and among that brother dr420 drum is a typical instance.
Primary Charging Roller
It is made of metal core roller, foam conductive rubber, and rubber roller made of plastic wrap. The two ends of the shaft are embedded in the conductive seat, which is pressed against the surface of OPC drum surface. The OPC drum can be charged at a certain voltage. If the surface of the charging roller is scratched by a foreign body, it will make the surface of the charge of the OPC of the OPC drum not even, or even short circuit, and the printer will produce profile with poor quality , it's time for you to repair or replace it at once.
Magnetic roller is the Magnetic Roller's abbreviation. It consists of a magnetic core magnet which is fixed in the inside and a rotating aluminum sleeve, and two ends of plastic sleeve and conductive spring. A rough graphite layer is sprayed on the aluminum sleeve surface.
Similar to the structure switch of the charging roller, but TR (transfer roller) conductive rubber, the surface insulation layer is also different. Because it's just charging the paper, the color image on the surface of the OPC drum transferred to the paper. The transfer roller is not belonging to the imaging component, but the parts of the whole machine.
These component composition of toner cartridges are commonly used, and it's better for you to know more detail about a printer, which it's good for you to have plan in mind when you about to buy a laser printer.