Business Buyers’ Guide to HP Toner Cartridges

When it’s time to replace your HP HP CF510A, you have 3 choices of types of toner you can call on.
OEM–Original brand manufacturer –HP toner manufacturers by HP.
Compatible laser toner. HP toner manufactured by a third party and not HP.
Re-manufactured HP toner. Original HP toner cartridges, returned to the factory, cleaned, repaired and refilled.

About the choosing of original and compatible TN760 toner, many people will have different choices, Actually they have their difference. Advantages and disadvantages of using an original brand toner. Original brand HP toner manufactured by HP is claimed to give the best print results possible with the lowest cartridge failure rate (it’s worth noting that there are actually failures with original brand cartridges as they may be with compatible versions). The downside can be the cost. The costs on average are 40% – 100% more for an original brand HP toner than a compatible.

Let us make HP CF500A as an example. Obviously there is a considerable difference in the cost but the real difference can be seen between the cost of the original brand OKI toner and the compatible non-original OKI. The original brand HP CF500A toner cartridge is available online for approximately €650 whereas the compatible toner is available for €160! This is approximately one quarter of the price and can make a huge difference to the budget for any business busy printing reports and such like on a regular basis.

Compatible laser toner is perfect for everyday general purpose printing both, black and white or colour. Printing on all types of paper is possible with great results for text and images. The failure rate of compatible HP CF500A toner is very low so there is little risk to the buyer with regards to quality and reliability. All good online suppliers will offer a full customer support for the buyer and will usually attempt to rectify any issues straight away offering advice or a replacement cartridge if necessary. The value in using compatible OKI toner by far outweighs any disadvantages that may arise. Although, with such good reliability its hard to see.


How to choose a best HP toner cartridge?

It doesn’t matter which brand name printer you use if you want to replace the hp printer cartridges. The big issue is that do you need original toner cartridge or compatible toner cartridge. As an experience toner cartridge consumer for 4 years, I know the total difference for original toner cartridge and compatible toner cartridge is the price. It is too hard to find the difference of print quality. So that is why most of toner consumer will choose the compatible toner cartridge instead of OEM. When we choose the compatible toner cartridge that we should pay attention each detail, even the model name words.

There will show an example for your reference when you need to choose the compatible toner cartridge by yourself. My printer model is HP Laser jet M203dw, I research the suitable toner cartridge on the internet. And there has two types for choose.
Type one: hp cf230a toner Compatible Toner Cartridge ( No IC Chip ), unit price is $46.99, It can be used in below machines:
Hp LaserJet:LaserJet M203d, LaserJet M203dn, LaserJet M203dw, LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdn,LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw, LaserJet Pro MFP M227sdn
Model Name: 30A CF230A
Type: Compatible
Color: Black
Packing Quantity: 1 Pack
Page Yield: 1,600 page 5% Coverage
Note: No IC Chip including (User need to remove the IC Chip from the used OEM toner and install it into this toner)

Type two: hp cf230x Compatible Toner Cartridge ( No IC Chip ),unit price is $41.99, It can be used in below machines:
Hp LaserJet:LaserJet M203d, LaserJet M203dn, LaserJet M203dw, LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdn, LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw,LaserJet Pro MFP M227sdn
Model Name: 30X CF230X
Type: Compatible
Color: Black
Packing Quantity: 1 Pack
Page Yield: 3,500 page 5% Coverage
Note: No IC Chip including (User need to remove the IC Chip from the used OEM toner and install it into this toner)

We can find the difference from above information:
1. Hp 30A CF230A Compatible Toner Cartridge ( No IC Chip ), unit price is $46.99, Page Yield: 1,600 page 5% Coverage
2. Hp 30X CF230X Compatible Toner Cartridge ( No IC Chip ),unit price is $41.99, Page Yield: 3,500 page 5% Coverage

Why the 230A price is higher than the 230X even the 230A page yield is lower than the 230X? If you meet the same question when you purchase the toner cartridge, please ask the seller in advance, and make sure whether has the different print quality? Does the 230X have a promoting or not? Please do not make the final decision so easy, otherwise you will increase unnecessary costs.


How much you know about compatible supplies?

More than 10 years ago, compatible supplies began to enter the Chinese printer supplies market, when the popularity of the printer is not high, coupled with expensive and do not understand the printing equipment, the user in the choice of supplies more cautious, are the original supplies. Many dealers in order to meet this low-cost high-profit model, have begun to fill the form of after-sales service to make the idea of profit. This also brings a problem: many dealers do not understand the toner and filling powder technology is poor, resulting in powder filling after the powder leakage, the end of ash, print blank pages and other issues.

Original supplies by the printer, copier manufacturers directly produced supplies, supplies technology all by the printer brand R & D completed in the processing and production, testing process are strictly in accordance with the process to carry out, supplies have a certain quality requirements of the standard. compatible supplies is the third-party manufacturers to produce supplies.

Driven by the profits of the powder, a lot of compatible brands began to develop compatible hp 30x toner, and it with the cartridge internal parts and printer compatibility, so a variety of compatible supplies for many times the brand, but the entire compatible market or toner, Market competition began to intensify, the market price of toner began to decline. In the case of toner-compatible supplies intense competition, hp cf230x toner applications and cartridges internal accessories application technology began to mature, compatible supplies manufacturers began to transition to do compatible finished product cartridge. Finished cartridge in the early need to fuse the application of toner and various accessories, and ultimately make the cartridge to produce the final print results.

Compatible supplies in the market, compatible with at least hundreds of brand supplies, and many are unknown brands. Compatible supplies in addition to conventional distribution, etc. to expand the market, the vast majority of manufacturers will be through large-scale supplies to promote the show. Aftermarket is basically no perfect after-sales service, if the fault problem, up to a certain period of time can replace the new. Although the quality of compatible consumables has been greatly improved, but still faced with the quality of the crisis. Especially in the traditional price war, the third party manufacturers is not the largest rival manufacturers, but the same industry, low-cost competition.


How to choose the laser printer toner cartridge?

Supplies also known as consumables. Fragile as the name suggests is easy to wear parts, it is actually one of the printer spare parts, some manufacturers simply consumable parts are called spare parts. Laser printer is the most critical part of the cartridge. Because it not only determines the quality of print quality, but also determines the printing costs. This is because in the laser printer, more than 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the cartridge, print quality is actually good or bad is largely determined by the cartridge.

The cf217a toner cartridge and belong to the consumables in the printer, use a period of time and reach a certain number of sheets after the need to be replaced, so choose a suitable laser printer cartridge there are many learned. The choice of laser printer cartridges Toner cartridges are also known as the professional drum, laser printer it is the most crucial one of the most important part of its quality directly affects the quality of the print file. Due to the fact that about 70% of the key technologies of the entire printing process are concentrated on the toner hp cf217a, the technical content of the toner cartridge plays a decisive role in ensuring a stable print output quality. Currently on the market for the user to replace the cartridge mainly in the following categories: Original cartridge, Universal Toner Cartridge (also known as compatible cartridge), heavy filling cartridges, but we can be found at the time of purchase, the sales of these three cartridges are said All good, are desperate to boast the advantages of such products, so many of my friends can not start with the choice.

Print quality is certainly the first customer to consider the factors, no doubt, the original cartridge is clearly the best choice. Original Toner Cartridge Thanks to careful integration with other parts of the printer during the design process, the toner cartridge is manufactured in a meticulous manner, creating the ideal print result that is significantly better than other compatible products. Only the original is too expensive, and now the quality of domestic drum is also very good and cheap. Users need to buy toner cartridges, we must first locate their true application requirements, the quality of less demanding or users can consider printing a small amount of non-original products.


Quality and cost are important factors to choose cartridge

In addition to quality considerations, printing costs can be said that the fundamental consideration, the print cartridge is a long-term consumables, the choice of cartridge is a long-term need to consider the cost of expenditure.

First of all, compared to the cost of the purchase, the official cartridge prices higher, the popular models such as hp 30x toner, the original price of 200-300 yuan, while the price is generally more difficult to come down. There is a saying that domestic cartridges prone to failure, and easily lead to printer machine failure, non-original cartridge defects will affect the performance of the printer, if the after-sales service is not in place, the use of the problem soon or scrapped, the printer also needs repair , But also lead to office delays or impact. These are huge additional costs that may arise from problems that occur with non-genuine consumables. For business users, this impact is very big. This is also one of the difficulties many corporate users purchase.

In summary, the optional toner cartridge, if it is a higher print quality, as well as after-sales service, the cost can accept the original cartridge. And when individuals or companies with a large print volume, the need to measure the cost of printing, the proposed purchase of domestic famous cartridge, the quality of high quality toner cartridge, to provide stable after-sales manufacturer, that can reduce printing costs, while meeting the high Print quality requirements. Today's printer supplies domestic brands fierce competition in the market, as users how to polish their eyes and find the right price, quality domestic manufacturers of toner cartridges it? Here, as a domestic toner cartridge manufacturer with 17 years of R & D qualification in printing consumables industry, Canon Toner Cartridge can provide you with toner cartridges that meet your printing cost and printing quality requirements. We focus on producing high quality toner cartridges for users. Buy, to the production, assembly and testing have to undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure that every one sent to consumers in the hands of the cartridge, you can rest assured that the use of. Jia letter cartridge, to provide you with a more assured choice.


Please pay great attention the quality of cartridge

When you are shopping supplies market, you will find with a dazzling description is not too much, such as the appearance of the same hp toner, the price can be more than doubled! If you ask the seller why you sell cartridges cheaper than others, most of the answers received vague, similar to "purchase channels are not the same" or something.

In general, people who use a printer always feel "can print out the word on it", but also by the "cheap is not no good goods" self-suggestion, in short, pick to buy cheap. I have had such an experience, buy cheap cf230a, began to use still make do, after a few times and then print out the document - more and more pale colors, writing more and more unclear, the edge of the graph is getting more and more Fuzzy; importantly, the printed file saved for a long time, and then look out, the toner has the traces of falling off.

The original is the same cartridge, but it has a "Li Kui" and "Li Gui," the points, the original price of the cartridge really expensive, but the quality is guaranteed, non-original cartridge work is not only rough, consumables large are described after many recycling, Life and stability are difficult to guarantee.

The use of non-genuine toner cartridges, print dark color, illegible, print volume did not spectrum. These are still the visible shortcomings, in fact, some invisible things even more people should not be taken lightly - to know that 5% of the page coloring about 150 million need toner particles, and related agencies who introduced the original Of consumables in the design of the charge and the image of the component is a very match, resulting in less likely to waste toner, compatible consumables is not the case, it just add some grinding out, most of the toner is actually not Absorbed on the photosensitive drum and paper, the phenomenon of leakage is very serious, leaking powder is particularly vulnerable to damage the machine, and those floating in the air once inhaled into the body, it is difficult to excrete through metabolism and the formation of accumulation.


What two functions dose the permanent chip have?

When using the printer cartridges, some people will has this misunderstanding, they think the use of a permanent chip allows the printer does not wash the nozzle, the province with the ink supply system to promote the printer cartridge permanent chip has also been adopted by many friends. Actually it is wrong idea. Like some people suggest use cheap toner cartridges , if not only can save cost, but also will increase the cost of maintain.
Now the permanent chip generally has two functions: one is not decoding, as long as the printer shutdown, the chip will be cleared on the counter, so that the printer that the ink cartridge is full. Second, free nozzle cleaning, which means that after the printer does not perform the nozzle cleaning action, you can save some ink.
It is because of these advantages of the permanent chip, many are not even with the system of ordinary users will also be on the cartridge chip for a permanent chip. However, due to the daily print volume of ordinary users is small, if the printer is not long, the ink inside the nozzle is due to evaporation of moisture and viscosity increase or dry caused by clogging. This only depends on the printer when the automatic cleaning nozzle to solve the problem. And the installation of a permanent chip, the printer will not clean the nozzle, only the user found in the print is not normal will clean the nozzle, so not only can not save ink, but also cause more paper and ink waste.
Of course, for the large print capacity of the system for users, because every day need to carry out a large number of printing, the ink has not dried up to be out of the new brother toner, it is not prone to clogging phenomenon. But there are many users to reflect the use of the system for some time after the print quality has been reduced. Some people have always thought that this is due to the aging of the nozzle or ink caused by bad, but once for a printer with a system for the nozzle cleaning, in the second phase of the article in the article to check the nozzle, found that although many nozzles Can be ejected ink, but the discharge of the ink has a clear bifurcation phenomenon, and after cleaning the nozzle, the print quality has increased.