Component Composition of Laser Printer Toner Cartridge

There are several parts of toner cartridge compositions that your maybe not known, now let us go into the toner cartridge inner world to have a see.
Let me take Brother HL-2240D printers as an example. With the important crucial part, toner 420 is largely determined the printing quality, which is a typical separation toner cartridge.
The full name of OPC is organic photoconductor drum, which organic photoconductive materials have a wide range of resources, the performance is superior and pollution-free. In terms of life expectancy, the OPC drum has a shorter life with generally only about 3000 pages, and of course the price is cheaper.er
Developer Roller
The function of develop roller is the adsorption color toner to electrified it, then sent to the drum surface of OPC and produce generate visual images. Because the single group of color toner also has magnetic roller and non-magnetic toner, the development roller also has magnetic roller and conductive roller different names.
Photoreceptive Drum
It more emphasized that the drum has photoconductive properties, and characterize the drum. There are many kinds of photoconductive materials, including selenium、cadmium sulfide、drum and silicon and organic light guide drum and so on.
Drum Unit
Drum Kit refers to the light-sensitive part of the toner cartridge, including drum core, powder scraper and so on. Sometimes the anti-development part is not inseparable, only the drum core, charging roller, cleaning scraper, this part is the drum component for Epson, Lexmark series. What's more, even the rollers are preserved, but there is no powder storage/powder drum, which is also called drum unit. The drum unit is not to be thrown away for the toner finished. You just replace the developing component and even replace the powder tubes. Brother brand is representative about this aspect, and among that brother dr420 drum is a typical instance.
Primary Charging Roller
It is made of metal core roller, foam conductive rubber, and rubber roller made of plastic wrap. The two ends of the shaft are embedded in the conductive seat, which is pressed against the surface of OPC drum surface. The OPC drum can be charged at a certain voltage. If the surface of the charging roller is scratched by a foreign body, it will make the surface of the charge of the OPC of the OPC drum not even, or even short circuit, and the printer will produce profile with poor quality , it's time for you to repair or replace it at once.
Magnetic roller is the Magnetic Roller's abbreviation. It consists of a magnetic core magnet which is fixed in the inside and a rotating aluminum sleeve, and two ends of plastic sleeve and conductive spring. A rough graphite layer is sprayed on the aluminum sleeve surface.
Similar to the structure switch of the charging roller, but TR (transfer roller) conductive rubber, the surface insulation layer is also different. Because it's just charging the paper, the color image on the surface of the OPC drum transferred to the paper. The transfer roller is not belonging to the imaging component, but the parts of the whole machine.
These component composition of toner cartridges are commonly used, and it's better for you to know more detail about a printer, which it's good for you to have plan in mind when you about to buy a laser printer.

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