Enjoy the HP Super Printer Printing!

Printer is no more than an indispensable office device for every office, but also an important tool for modern families. No matter printing office profile, preparing the customer material, the figure of printer is bound to appear. However, the seemingly unremarkable printing cost makes various enterprises bitter after the accumulation of these years. Therefore, when the announcement of "super HP" about any dynamics events will attracted many businesses and individuals' attentions". Printing" the new world
"Super HP" series has been answered or solve everyone's questions and the worries by actual performance. Just for HP Color laser jet pro M252dw and HP Color Laser jet Pro MFP M277n printer, the two printers, which use HP's latest cf400x toner cartridge, you can get high quality and abundant page yield. The average coverage is about 2300 pages of black and 2800 pages. With greatly saves printing costs, you can eliminate the need for frequent replacement of consumables. In the face of such low cost and high effective printing products, whatever the large users group who print tasks every day or individuals who want to save print cost as much as possible will fall in love it.
In addition to having low printing costs, HP Color laser jet pro M252dw and HP Color Laser jet Pro MFP M277n printer also do well in energy saving and environmental protection. Both two products meet the international certification standards ISO 9001 and 14001. When they endeavor to offer the best service, in the meanwhile make their own contributions to protect the environment which very deserve many companies to study and imitate.

1. High quality all-around good printers
To stand out in a competitive printer market, it's not enough to rely on the ultra-low print costs. The HP Color laser jet pro M252dw printer has perfect quality to help the customer achieve the "super HP". With the help of the cf400x toner cartridges, this printer can either provide users with a clear , sharp document printing and more bright, beautiful pictures, picture print and the waterproof effect of powder, which meet customer's needs of the user long-term preservation. At the same time, it provides no-margin printing and leaflet printing, which fully meet multiple needs of enterprise users. Even reliable compatible toner cartridge has avoided the problems such as leaking ink, equipment parts damage. Printing costs and print quality, the tow topics which are undoubtedly printer users are most concerned about. HP Color laser jet pro M252dw is relying on the two outstanding features to gain consumers' love and cheer, which open and establish a new world for every customers.
At present, the excellent performance of these tow printers have received numerous consumers' recognition. You can get some information or buy them from HP's website as well as in Amazone.com. If you have a try to these two types printer, you will find more enjoyable things and more surprise will wait for you all the time.

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