Some major parameters and Brands that student should pay attention to when choosing a printer

With the study life begins in September, more student may worried about how to choose a printer that is economical and affordable in a variety of different types of printers for their study printing? Maybe you can consider from the following aspects.
1. Resolution: the printer is also called the output resolution which refers to how much print points per inch on the horizontal and vertical directions when you printing, usually it said that "points/inch" DPI (dot per inch). For example, 1440x720dpi means that the horizontal resolution of the printer is 1440dpi while the vertical resolution is 720dpi. When choosing a printer, we should focus on the horizontal resolution as well as the vertical resolution. As to student users, the resolution cannot be less than 600dpi and the resolution of pictures should be no less than 1440x720dpi.
2. The droplet size. Droplet size is a vital index to measure the degree of fine print, slightly rises is widely used to measure the size of the unit volume of ink jet printing ink(PL), the user need to print photographs should choose printing device within the 4pl of drops size.
3.Brand features : now there three big brands in the field of printer which are brother ,HP and Canon , the three manufacturers of printing technology is relatively mature and have a good print effect.
HP printers use hot ink jet technology and adopt the integration structure of print head and toner cartridge. When you change the toner cartridge you also need to exchange the print head. As you can see the most important feature of this structure is the high cost of ink. But HP printers generally have better quality of printed text, such as HP cf210a toner cartridge, at the same time it has led to the rapid development of the toner market and other consumables.
Brother's product line is a single one, with the A4 size medium and low speed printer, which rarely involves the A3 format printer. Brother's printer can realize automatic double-sided printing on the printer below 30ppm, so it's a better choice for many small and medium-sized office enterprises. The color printer of Brother USES LED technology, and the speed of the printer is concentrated at about 20~35PPM, such as HP laser jet Pro M251 with more high-yield cf210x toner cartridge. In this case, the structure of the four-component drum component is adopted for TN210/221, which is suitable for many enterprise users.

Canon inkjet printer is also adopting inkjet technology. Canon does the best well in the paper. Many machines use double-feed system, namely paper box and paper. The overall printing speed of Canon inkjet printers is faster than those of the other two manufacturers, especially the seed of photo printing.
These are the most important aspects that students should pay attention to when choosing a printing device. Also I want to stress that is you should buy a printer according to the needs of yourselves and don't be a parrot. If you do don't know which one to buy, make a list about the function of printers and then carefully screen to select the most suitable printer model.

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