Some small ink tips for laser printer

During my four years college life, I used the HP printer which accumulated some small ink tips. I have introduced to many friends, they all feel simple and effective, so today we want to write to share with you.

Whenever the printer is prompted to run out of ink, the cartridge out, in fact, there are many toner cartridges. At this time with high-quality non-adhesive seal ink cartridges below the mouth of a few mouth, and then use one hand to hold the entire cartridge, which with the index finger pressure with non-adhesive seal outlet, and then quickly from top to bottom Arc-shaped swing arm, the purpose is to use the parabolic movement of the centrifugal force generated by the ink inside the cartridge to the lower part of the ink cartridges in the lower part, after repeated times, and then a sharp blade in the cartridge outlet (with non-adhesive seal ) To make a small cross, then the cartridge back to the printer can print. I found in the practice of the past few years, so that the ink cartridges can be processed to extend the use of about 1/5 of the time. often print a large number of friends, black ink used very quickly. My experience is to print the file before the file font color are changed to gray (usually 60% to 80% black); in the print do not have to specify the color of the file, according to the use of various colors of ink, use less Color plus gray, such as: I found that the use of blue is relatively small, when playing the file on the use of gray and blue to play. So that the file can not only play to extend the life of the cartridge and beautiful. By the same token, when you use one or two colors, you can also use unused colors to print plain text files until you want to print color pictures.

However, the "fake ink" will be the problem is: hp 201x toner in the ink is exhausted, because the "counter" is not counted to the rated consumption, then the ink does not light, it can not be replaced by the usual method Ink cartridges.

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