How to identify genuine and fake toner supplies

This is very important for users to keep their eyes, improve the knowledge of optional ink cartridges products, enhance their awareness and vigilance, learn to distinguish between true and false ink cartridges, at any time to protect their own interests? kInkjet printers with economic, print the advantages of good occupation of the vast majority of the print output market. But because of the ink cartridge capacity and other restrictions, so we have to often replace the ink cartridges, and thus formed a huge consumer market, but also inevitably to the fake counterfeiters brought business opportunities.

So for us, in order to identify genuine and fake supplies, what shall we do ? First of all to know what the original supplies look like. tn660 toner, for example, from 2001 onwards, HP has a variety of cartridges packaging has been updated so that the original packaging of its original cartridge has the following characteristics: the new box above the two ends of a cutting line; The number of the two-digit purchase number; the new packaging on the left side of the cartridge for the printer model; a display ink color logo; carefully observe the color of the anti-counterfeit labels to identify whether the original ink cartridges.

How do we identify genuine and fake toner cartridges? When buying ink cartridges, first of all to carefully observe the vacuum bag. Authentic ink cartridges and bags close to the box dense, no air bag. Fake and shoddy ink cartridges vacuum pumping is not complete. Open the vacuum plastic bags, genuine ink cartridges should be clean and dirt-free. Carefully observe the top of the ink cartridges sealed plastic stickers, real ink cartridges sealed film flat paste, fake ink cartridges loose, it is easy to hand down. Second, look at the sealing tape. Genuine ink cartridges and fake ink cartridges are not the same, fake ink cartridges is a transparent adhesive on the word, strong sticky, it is easy to tear the surface of the packaging cartons. Genuine ink cartridges are strong texture, sticky and sticky can not be separated from the carton to tear the way.

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