Do you know how to solve the common faults when you use the printer?

1. Paper Jam
Paper Jam is one of a common faults when we use the printer, especially we use a new paper or re-printed paper. When the paper jam happed, we need to pay attention to the paper when we try to pick it up. We can moving parts of the printer which is allow according to the manual, and do not blindly pull the cover. As soon as possible to pick up full of paper and do not leave broken pieces of paper in the printer.

2. The paper is white after we printed.
If your printer is a thermal type, there may be a wrong installation of the front and back. Place the reverse side of the recording paper and try again. Thermal printer used fax paper, only one side coated with chemicals and that mean only one side can be printed words. If the installation is wrong. No text or pictures are printed when receiving a fax.If your fax machine is an print cartridge fax machine, the nozzle tip may be blocked. Clean the inkjet head or replace the Brother TN770 if the brand is Brother-HL.

3. Fax paper or print paper appears black line
One or more black lines appear when you send a document to you or when you print it by yourself. If it is a CCD fax machine, maybe the lens is dirty, if it is CIS fax machine, maybe glass transparent is dirty. Please use a cotton ball or a soft cloth moistened with alcohol to clean it according to the manual of the fax machine. If you still can not solve the problem after cleaning, please send your fax machine for repair inspection.

4. When faxing paper or printing paper appears white line
This is the thermal head (TPH) broken wires or dirty normally. If the wire is broken, we need to replace the same type of thermal head. If is dirty, we can clean it with a cotton ball.

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