What two functions dose the permanent chip have?

When using the printer cartridges, some people will has this misunderstanding, they think the use of a permanent chip allows the printer does not wash the nozzle, the province with the ink supply system to promote the printer cartridge permanent chip has also been adopted by many friends. Actually it is wrong idea. Like some people suggest use cheap toner cartridges , if not only can save cost, but also will increase the cost of maintain.
Now the permanent chip generally has two functions: one is not decoding, as long as the printer shutdown, the chip will be cleared on the counter, so that the printer that the ink cartridge is full. Second, free nozzle cleaning, which means that after the printer does not perform the nozzle cleaning action, you can save some ink.
It is because of these advantages of the permanent chip, many are not even with the system of ordinary users will also be on the cartridge chip for a permanent chip. However, due to the daily print volume of ordinary users is small, if the printer is not long, the ink inside the nozzle is due to evaporation of moisture and viscosity increase or dry caused by clogging. This only depends on the printer when the automatic cleaning nozzle to solve the problem. And the installation of a permanent chip, the printer will not clean the nozzle, only the user found in the print is not normal will clean the nozzle, so not only can not save ink, but also cause more paper and ink waste.
Of course, for the large print capacity of the system for users, because every day need to carry out a large number of printing, the ink has not dried up to be out of the new brother toner, it is not prone to clogging phenomenon. But there are many users to reflect the use of the system for some time after the print quality has been reduced. Some people have always thought that this is due to the aging of the nozzle or ink caused by bad, but once for a printer with a system for the nozzle cleaning, in the second phase of the article in the article to check the nozzle, found that although many nozzles Can be ejected ink, but the discharge of the ink has a clear bifurcation phenomenon, and after cleaning the nozzle, the print quality has increased.

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