Please pay great attention the quality of cartridge

When you are shopping supplies market, you will find with a dazzling description is not too much, such as the appearance of the same hp toner, the price can be more than doubled! If you ask the seller why you sell cartridges cheaper than others, most of the answers received vague, similar to "purchase channels are not the same" or something.

In general, people who use a printer always feel "can print out the word on it", but also by the "cheap is not no good goods" self-suggestion, in short, pick to buy cheap. I have had such an experience, buy cheap cf230a, began to use still make do, after a few times and then print out the document - more and more pale colors, writing more and more unclear, the edge of the graph is getting more and more Fuzzy; importantly, the printed file saved for a long time, and then look out, the toner has the traces of falling off.

The original is the same cartridge, but it has a "Li Kui" and "Li Gui," the points, the original price of the cartridge really expensive, but the quality is guaranteed, non-original cartridge work is not only rough, consumables large are described after many recycling, Life and stability are difficult to guarantee.

The use of non-genuine toner cartridges, print dark color, illegible, print volume did not spectrum. These are still the visible shortcomings, in fact, some invisible things even more people should not be taken lightly - to know that 5% of the page coloring about 150 million need toner particles, and related agencies who introduced the original Of consumables in the design of the charge and the image of the component is a very match, resulting in less likely to waste toner, compatible consumables is not the case, it just add some grinding out, most of the toner is actually not Absorbed on the photosensitive drum and paper, the phenomenon of leakage is very serious, leaking powder is particularly vulnerable to damage the machine, and those floating in the air once inhaled into the body, it is difficult to excrete through metabolism and the formation of accumulation.

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