How can you know whether you need inkjet printer or laser printer?

Do you knowing which type of toner cartridge to purchase for your printer is the best choice? Which brand will you buy? How can you know whether you need inkjet printer ink or laser inkjet cartridges?
If you browse the information before you purchase the printer, you can find that Inkjet printers print by essentially shooting small spots of ink on the paper, and the laser printers use a much more complex process that involves heating the toner and bonding it to the paper using a drum. It will make the different effect during the printing. Laser inkjets print more quickly, because of the printing process, the ink is sealed on the paper, and therefore won't smear. However, for the inkjet printer, we will get an extremely detailed picture, but it is a wet print job which means that we have a great probability for smearing or streaking if we are not careful during the printing.
There are a few ways of telling you which type printer do you use, is it the inkjet printer ink or laser printer ink?

First way is what type of ink you're use, we can see whether the ink is liquid or powder. Because of the aforementioned printing processes, liquid is used in inkjet printers and powder is used in laser. For the different raw material, the powder ink lasts much longer and comes in large quantities. They will last a long time while the cartridges for laser printers are larger and much more expensive, because the toner cartridge should be replaced so frequently. Even we choose the good price toner cartridge supplier V4ink. Such as CE285A 85A Toner,the price is $13.99 for one package, page yield up to 2,000 Pages 5% Coverage (Letter/A4), we need to replace the toner cartridge each week if the print quantity over to 2000 page. However, for the inkjet cartridges, which are smaller and less expensive, even it needs to be replaced more often.

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