How to Properly Clean Your Compatible Drum Cartridge

If you have own the HP 15X/C7115X Compatible Toner Cartridge, you must know the ways to to properly clean your compatible drum cartridge. Otherwise the life of printer and toner cartridge will not be long. Of course any CF510A toner must have correct printer, Like HP 15X/C7115X Compatible Toner Cartridge, the correct printer is LaserJet 1220, LaserJet 1220se, LaserJet 3300, LaserJet 3310, LaserJet 3320, LaserJet 3320n, LaserJet 3330, LaserJet 3380the Having a laser printer can give you both its benefits and disadvantages. This is not a surprising matter since inkjet printers also have their ups and downs.

What is good about the laser printer is that it has faster printing speed and long lasting printouts too. However, you cannot deny that when you have this type of printer, you need to supply it with compatible toner cartridges and compatible drum cartridges. It can be costly at times especially when you have to replace both on the same day so keeping the drum cartridge in good shape can save a lot your money. Here are the proper ways to clean your compatible drum cartridge and keep its life longer. The first step will always involve the opening of your printer’s lid or where there is an opening for the CE278A toner. Then, get a screwdriver to remove the drum from its position. The common drum cartridge has three screws and a vertical drum while the others have two screws and a horizontal drum. Make sure to pull the internal release latch on the ride side of the drum or press it if it is found behind the drum.

Now that you have totally detached your drum from the printer, place it on a clean paper towel then add a little of acetone on some paper towels to wipe on the drum. Lastly, allow it to completely dry up. Return the drum cartridge in your printer; just be sure to be careful since you do not want to damage your cartridge and the printer too. Put back the screws to keep it in place then close your printer lid. To also continue having great printouts, be sure to use the right printer cartridges for your printer.

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