Business Buyers’ Guide to HP Toner Cartridges

When it’s time to replace your HP HP CF510A, you have 3 choices of types of toner you can call on.
OEM–Original brand manufacturer –HP toner manufacturers by HP.
Compatible laser toner. HP toner manufactured by a third party and not HP.
Re-manufactured HP toner. Original HP toner cartridges, returned to the factory, cleaned, repaired and refilled.

About the choosing of original and compatible TN760 toner, many people will have different choices, Actually they have their difference. Advantages and disadvantages of using an original brand toner. Original brand HP toner manufactured by HP is claimed to give the best print results possible with the lowest cartridge failure rate (it’s worth noting that there are actually failures with original brand cartridges as they may be with compatible versions). The downside can be the cost. The costs on average are 40% – 100% more for an original brand HP toner than a compatible.

Let us make HP CF500A as an example. Obviously there is a considerable difference in the cost but the real difference can be seen between the cost of the original brand OKI toner and the compatible non-original OKI. The original brand HP CF500A toner cartridge is available online for approximately €650 whereas the compatible toner is available for €160! This is approximately one quarter of the price and can make a huge difference to the budget for any business busy printing reports and such like on a regular basis.

Compatible laser toner is perfect for everyday general purpose printing both, black and white or colour. Printing on all types of paper is possible with great results for text and images. The failure rate of compatible HP CF500A toner is very low so there is little risk to the buyer with regards to quality and reliability. All good online suppliers will offer a full customer support for the buyer and will usually attempt to rectify any issues straight away offering advice or a replacement cartridge if necessary. The value in using compatible OKI toner by far outweighs any disadvantages that may arise. Although, with such good reliability its hard to see.

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