How much you know about compatible supplies?

More than 10 years ago, compatible supplies began to enter the Chinese printer supplies market, when the popularity of the printer is not high, coupled with expensive and do not understand the printing equipment, the user in the choice of supplies more cautious, are the original supplies. Many dealers in order to meet this low-cost high-profit model, have begun to fill the form of after-sales service to make the idea of profit. This also brings a problem: many dealers do not understand the toner and filling powder technology is poor, resulting in powder filling after the powder leakage, the end of ash, print blank pages and other issues.

Original supplies by the printer, copier manufacturers directly produced supplies, supplies technology all by the printer brand R & D completed in the processing and production, testing process are strictly in accordance with the process to carry out, supplies have a certain quality requirements of the standard. compatible supplies is the third-party manufacturers to produce supplies.

Driven by the profits of the powder, a lot of compatible brands began to develop compatible HP CF283X toner, and it with the cartridge internal parts and printer compatibility, so a variety of compatible supplies for many times the brand, but the entire compatible market or toner, Market competition began to intensify, the market price of toner began to decline. In the case of toner-compatible supplies intense competition, hp cf230x toner applications and cartridges internal accessories application technology began to mature, compatible supplies manufacturers began to transition to do compatible finished product cartridge. Finished cartridge in the early need to fuse the application of toner and various accessories, and ultimately make the cartridge to produce the final print results.

Compatible supplies in the market, compatible with at least hundreds of brand supplies, and many are unknown brands. Compatible supplies in addition to conventional distribution, etc. to expand the market, the vast majority of manufacturers will be through large-scale supplies to promote the show. Aftermarket is basically no perfect after-sales service, if the fault problem, up to a certain period of time can replace the new. Although the quality of compatible consumables has been greatly improved, but still faced with the quality of the crisis. Especially in the traditional price war, the third party manufacturers is not the largest rival manufacturers, but the same industry, low-cost competition.

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