Color drum common bad printing phenomenon and causes

The following defect analysis is only for the toner cartridge, the production of some defects related to the machine, where omitted.

1) seal pull no: usually caused by poor assembly, seals a card or folded portions nipped toner.

2) powder leakage: In addition to bad seals seal before printing powder leakage caused by external and internal cartridge more components or parts during use may cause leakage of powder, magnetic roller felt seal defects, aging flour knife, seal roller blade deformation and Paste Not tightly loose, sealing sponge defects or aging, cleaning the blade deformation and paste loose loose and so will cause leakage powder.

3) not print either a full version or white light and vague;

● The seal is not opened.
● The toner cartridge does not shake before the seal, the powder is not smooth.
● The laser is not illuminated on the drum, the light shield is not open, and the drum protective cover is not open.
● Drum grounding is not connected, the drum conductive film or powder box on the machine connected to the electrical contact is bad.

4) Paper is usually black electrical problem:

● The charging roller is missing or defective.
● The charging roller is deformed or poorly connected.

5) Vertical black line: refers to any unwanted vertical lines from top to bottom, the thick line or wire may be continuous or the intermittent. The thin, light-colored vertical black line is generally a cleaning scraper gap or a circle of scratches on the drum. Thick and intermittent black line, and the edge is not clear, often sealed seal blade Zou or a knife caused by aging.

6) thin vertical white line on the blackboard: the depth of the wear line of the photosensitive drum with the magnetic roller magnetic roller coating or impurity caused by wear line.

7) levels were missing: finger prints on the lateral intermittent not print, because:

● Drum coating local exposure;
● Drum drive gear defects, loose or gear defect.
● magnetic roller coating defects;
● core fracture or positioning error;
● The magnetic roller sheath is badly worn or deformed.
● The magnetic roller conductive spring is in poor contact or beating.

8) horizontal black line: general electrical problem, periodically horizontal black line is often coupled with the charging roller coating defects caused by pinholes on the photosensitive drum coating; irregular horizontal black line is often thin bunker and waste toner binding Not in place caused.

9) periodically illegible: often the focus of the drum or cause pollution roll coating, watermarking, mimeograph, fingerprints, scratch marks often cited this defect.

10) bunches: a defect like money appear superimposed on the printed product, no rules, and difficult to repeat, drum caused by poor grounding.

11) Backscatter: refers to the surrounding text or lines do not need to have black specks, roller coating or toner by the magnetic drum overheating caused by poor (finger sensation and high) can also cause this defect.

12) Corrugated background (tiger grouper): black wavy white version appears on or in the form of white on black version or halftone version; usually a magnetic roller sleeve or coating defects due to normal low density printing, toner Bonding in the magnetic roller caused.

13) hollow words: Strokes text refers to the lack of the image on the lake, for the following reasons:

● toner itself.
● drum, powder with poor. Magnetic roller coating problem.
● The surface of the print media is too light and too strong.
● The paper uses the reverse side.

14) vertical black spots rules:

● by the sealing blade deformed or loose powder caused by scattered.
● As the powder knife aging or deformation, excessive accumulation of carbon in the drum roller, causing leakage powder.

15) Light color: with a variety of factors:

● Toner itself is a problem.
● Toner, magnetic roller with the problem.
● The aging of the knife.
● Magnetic roller wear.
● The life of the photoconductor drum.
● High humidity or moisture absorption.

16) bottom ash: bottom ash toner mist refers to a blank area of prints appear, but also with a variety of factors:

● Scraper aging loose.
● The charging roller is dirty.
● Toner problem.
● The environment is cold and dry.
● The print media is defective.
● Charging roller wear.
● fixing is not strong: refers to the print on the text or image that is to go.
● The toner softening point is higher than the fixing temperature of the machine.
● The print media is too thick or the surface is too light.

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